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Mo 15 Apr

Shipping options

Your advertising message should come across the way you want it. That's why we are flexible and stay focused on your requirements when shipping finished calendar products. The individual packaging can include your return address on request. We are happy to insert advertising flyers or catalogues for you. We can ship worldwide. Please get in touch with us. The following shipping options are generally available:

Neutral shipping

We offer the free option of having your order shipped neutrally to a delivery address. The order is shipped with a neutral delivery slip (without sender information, logo) and without the return address being stated on the package. Please enter this shipping type when placing your order.

Handy packaging in cardboard

The products are stacked in boxes of up to 25 kg each, which makes for a compact and thus affordable shipment.

Calendars prepared for shipping in individual packaging

Each calendar is placed individually in a shipping envelope for easy forwarding.

Individual shipping, divided as needed, directly to the end customer

Each calendar is packaged individually. The individual packages are stacked in boxes and sent to the provided recipient address. We are happy to divide the shipment and send the calendars to various addresses according to your specifications. Please note that we are not able to offer divided shipment for orders placed via the online shop. Please contact us separately in this case. The recipient address details for divided shipments must be in table form (e.g. Excel file) with the following format:

CompanyTitleFirst NameLast NameStreetcountry of destinationPostal codeCityQuantity
Sample companyMsAndreaSample Sample Street 1Germany12345Sample city100

Pallet shipping

The products packed in cardboard boxes will be stacked on pallets, wrapped in protective film and tied up. Our freight forwarding partner will get them safely to their destination.
We deliver to all provided addresses, either via the freight forwarder or via DHL depending on the quantity. Additional services (see above) will be calculated separately.