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Mo 15 Apr


Individual packaging – small surcharge, great security

To ensure that your customers receive our products in the best possible condition and to give a good overall impression, we recommend our specially configured individual packaging.

It's simple: You select the desired packaging type in the online order. You can either purchase the appropriate individual packaging as an extra or have us package the selected calendar individually. We are happy to insert your promotional cards, brochures or catalogues in the packaging. Discuss this with us first, because some types of packaging offer more room for additional material than others.

Please note that low-cost shipping envelopes can only be combined with shipping-optimised calendar products; then everything will definitely fit. Only use stable packaging of suitable sizes when forwarding products. When shipping in single envelopes, there is a risk of folding and dented corners.

Do you have special packaging requests? We produce tailor-made packaging for high volumes. Talk to us.

Individual packaging product groups

EVP 01
Cardboard envelope:
white, with self-sealing closure, for desktop calendars, aesthetic, effective and practical
EVP 04 - EVP 08
Full cardboard shipping envelope:
brown, with self-sealing closure available in standard formats, effective and practical, products can be easily inserted
EVP 14
Cardboard-backed packaging:
only suitable for compact models of monthly calendars
>EVP 21 - 27 & EVP 51 - 53
Flat corrugated cardboard envelope:
white, ready to assemble, specially made to fit calendar products, for inserting advertising material, aesthetic, high volume
EVP 35
Sleeve shipper:
brown, rectangular, for poster calendar
EVP 42 - EVP 44
Film packaging:
pouches of various sizes, highly transparent with self-sealing closure, for photo calendars, desktop calendars and more, aesthetically pleasing and practical