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Print data instructions

Set up print data

Resolution of graphics and images

  • Photos, images and graphics 300 dpi
  • Line images 1200 dpi

Colour system/colour mode

  • CMYK colour mode
  • Greyscale
  • Special colours (HKS), ensure that you state the correct colour names

Documents in RGB mode are automatically converted into CMYK mode. We assume no liability for resulting colour differences. Please note in the case of special colours: in order to avoid choppy and patchy areas, the areas in which another process colour is placed over the special colour (CMYK) must be laid out in a sparing manner and without overprinting.

Colour profile

Use the current ICC profile of the ECI. In the case of printing on coated paper (e.g. photo printing paper) ISO coated v2 ECI or ISO coated v2 300% ECI (reduces the maximum colour application automatically to a maximum of 300%).
If you do not have this profile installed yet, you can download it at Please also ensure that the colour settings of your graphic and image processing program match those of your layout program and Adobe Acrobat.


  • 3 mm standard bleed allowance around the perimeter without bleed marks
  • Place content (text/images) at least 3 mm from the edge of the final format
  • In the case of calendars with wire-o binding, please place contents 10 mm from the side that will be bound
  • Place background graphics and images that you intend to reach the edge into the bleed area


  • Convert fonts into paths/curves or embed them fully
  • When setting up black text, always set it up as 100% black only


  • Do not use a frame as a layout limit, because these can sometimes be partially cut as a result of machine tolerances
  • No hairlines, minimum line thickness 0.3 pt

Notes on digital and offset printing

Notes on offset printing: 
In the case of special colours such as HKS or pantone, please set up the data in the corresponding special colour.
In the case of 4-colour motifs, set up the print data in CMYK mode (not in RGB mode).

Notes on digital printing:
Some models can include digitally printed advertising material. Special colours and print coating are not possible with digital printing.
Special colours such as HKS or pantone will be adjusted from the Euroscale (CMYK); therefore, there may be colour differences in comparison with the original print colour. For digital data, please set up the colours strictly in CMYK mode in your printing data. We are happy to check whether your advertising material/motifs are suitable for digital printing.

Save printing data

PDF data

For print data, we always prefer PDF files. This print format provides the ideal conditions in the pre-printing stage.
  • Embed all fonts used
  • All images used must be in high resolution and set up in CMYK mode or as special colours
  • High-resolution and print-optimised PDF file X3
  • No print marks

Open data

We accept open data from Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop up to version CS6 and CoreDraw up to version X7.
All necessary font types, logos and images must be attached.

Sending data


Please send the print data as an attachment to
Please include your order number in the email subject line.

Data storage media

Sending data on storage media (CD, DVD) with the order number easily visible.
You can also combine several orders on one CD/DVD.
Create a separate folder containing the relevant print data.

Data upload

You can upload the print data immediately following the ordering process, or later via your customer account.
The individual file size should not exceed 20 MB.

Data check

What happens in the data check?

Generally, all incoming print data will automatically be checked for you free of charge in accordance with the following criteria:
  • Is all of the data complete
  • Is the image resolution correct
  • Does the print data comply with the ISO standard "ISO Coated v2 FOGRA"; if not, the data will be converted into this colour space
  • Have the size requirements been complied with
  • Does the document contain spot colours
If the parameters do not comply with our requirements, you will receive a notification from us with a request to correct the data.

Proof in accordance with FOGRA standards

You can have the print data checked for colour consistency for a fee.
For this purpose, we create a standardised print sample of your order that you must return to us with a signature to give approval.