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Fr 14 Jun

What does this mean?

We use different icons and terms on our product pages to refer to certain product features.
Here is a detailed explanation of them.
Shipping saver
Shipping savers are calendars that are optimised for shipping. Their total size is a maximum of 35 x 25 cm, meaning they can fit into the B4 shipping envelopes. This saves on shipping.
Individual packaging
For products with this icon, you can purchase the appropriate individual packaging as an extra and you can have the calendars inserted in the packaging ready for shipping.
- General: neutral shipping or with your return address
- Divided shipping: e.g. to various branches
- Calendars prepared for shipping and inserted into individual packaging
- Individual shipping directly to the end customer
Printing process
For some products such as calendars or landscape desk calendars, you may choose whether you would like to have your advertising material printed in digital or offset printing. Digital printing is suitable for lower volumes of up to 300 items. Offset printing is only worthwhile in the case of higher print volumes. In the case of offset printing, we offer standard proofing for colour consistency for a fee. Various print finishes and the printing of spot colours are also possible.
Date indicators
The date indicator is delivered in the colour red by default and is already pre-mounted on the calendar. On request, you can also obtain date indicators in black, white, blue, green, orange and grey.